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We are a leading supplier of highest quality tamper evident solutions and cargo securing solutions, located in Lusaka – Zambia. Our product range includes numbered tamper evident security seals, tamper evident bags, steel strapping seals, strapping tools, steel strapping and PET strapping, tamper evident security tape and many more.


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Logo Branding on Seals

The process usually involves designing the logo in a format suitable for embossing or imprinting onto a seal. This design may need to be modified to fit the size and shape constraints of the seal while ensuring that it remains recognizable

Bar Code Imprinting

Bar code imprinting customization of seals involves incorporating unique barcodes onto official seals or stamps for various purposes, such as tracking, authentication, or inventory management. Here's a breakdown of how this process typically works:

On time Delivery

Meeting delivery deadlines is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers often have expectations regarding when they will receive their orders or services, and failing to meet these expectations can lead to dissatisfaction